Our Tracks

We currently include two different custom built race tracks for your party enjoyment:


- JJ Quarter Mile

- JJ Speedway

* JJ Future Driver Track


JJ Quarter Mile track  is a fast downhill track 25' in length that allows drivers to pick from over 100 racecars. This track features a starting light that counts down before the gate drops and an electronic finish line.


JJ Speedway  is an oval track 12' in length that features race cars that are "super charged" in a hand held charger. Real racing action as cars draft and pass each other at speeds approaching 600 scale miles per hour!


Challenge BluTrack Set  is a customizable two lane track available as an extra cost gift for your party that you will keep.


* JJ Future Driver track is for the younger racecar drivers (under 4 years of age). They can use the city mat or downhill track to enjoy their own age appropriate cars.


* Available by request only


JJ Speedway


This is our JJ Speedway track. You get to charge up one of your favorite cars and watch it speed away.

The JJ Quarter Mile down hill race track with over 100 different cars for everyone to race. Will your car finish first?

BluTrack Challenge Pack is an optional extra cost gift for your party. We will deliver it on the day of your party. Includes 24' track, ramps, hanger and 2 cars.


Optional extra cost BluTrack gift set shown

Optional .Future Driver Track

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